1. barry dit:

    Awesome!! Really like this! Thanks!
    Are you sure it’s free? :p

  2. Sven dit:

    I love this monkey! Thanks

  3. tonyknuckles dit:

    Great looking monkey

  4. Muscle Builder dit:

    Nice graphics! Love the monkey, too!!!

  5. Orjinal Delikanlı dit:

    lovely monkey.

  6. Typozay dit:

    Beautiful work!

  7. Super dit:

    What font is that?

  8. Directgeek dit:

    Very cool…it has become the logo of my new project. thanks!

  9. Bhutan Designs dit:

    It is great looking monkey! Very cute and beautiful.

    Keep up the work!


  10. irfaan dit:

    Great logo! I would also like to know what font that is! :D

  11. irfaan dit:

    link to font included in download: http://www.fontspace.com/andrew-paglinawan/quicksand

  12. DIseño dit:


  13. Reven dit:

    nice monkey!

  14. Dene Jones dit:

    Very nice logo thanks..

  15. lonajoo dit:

    so cute !! I like that ^-^ thanks~

  16. Natalia dit:

    God job!!
    I like logo.

  17. KATa dit:

    HA HA! Happy monkey :)

  18. Ra dit:

    Simple and Pure, Great one :)

  19. Caillou dit:

    i like logo. Thanks !

  20. pinoyfunds dit:

    very cute!

  21. Yılmaz Barış dit:

    very nice !

  22. Allen dit:

    Thanks pal!!! These logos are great to use on websites…

  23. jinny dit:


  24. Pierre dit:


    I use the logo for a new project. Cool.

    Your feedback ?