1. Sven dit:

    WOW! Thats absolutely HOT!

  2. christian01 dit:

    yes that is a great job, very fresh idea

  3. PediPaws dit:

    Interesting idea. I doubt I would use this logo…takes the viewer a bit too long to figure it out. However, I like the idea. Way to think outside the box!

  4. Orjinal Delikanlı dit:

    super !

  5. TheWineLover dit:

    I like how it does take a bit of thought to figure it out… Keeps the potential client on the logo and thinking… more time spent on the logo means more time on the brain.

    Nice job folks…

  6. Roj dit:

    Thanks for your gr8 logos, they’re all great!

  7. Janak dit:

    I want logo For my company Which will Suitable For My Company As well as my work also,
    So you can make one Logo As much as Dynamically

  8. DJ dit:

    That’s a really awesome logo. unfortunately not suitable for my purpose, but a great logo nonetheless.

  9. kerja keras adalah energi kita dit:

    can it be customized into orange?

  10. huite dit:

    Hey guys , i cant download it or something ?.. can anyone help me ?…